MicroK8s Apple M1 Support


With the release of Multipass 1.8, we are happy to announce that MicroK8s gains M1 Apple Silicone support.

Installing MicroK8s on an M1 Mac is as simple as it is on an Intel Mac:

$ brew install ubuntu/microk8s/microk8s

Once installed, you will have a running Kubernetes cluster with an arm64 node enrolled.

$ sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string
Apple M1

$ microk8s kubectl get nodes --label-columns kubernetes.io/arch
NAME          STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION                    ARCH
microk8s-vm   Ready    <none>   6m13s   v1.22.3-3+64e63223b19811   arm64

Now we can enable all the MicroK8s addons we’d like to.

$ microk8s enable metrics-server

$ microk8s kubectl get pods -A
NAMESPACE     NAME                                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
kube-system   calico-kube-controllers-59df95b77f-vvtkm   1/1     Running   0          17m
kube-system   calico-node-wv9ll                          1/1     Running   0          17m
kube-system   metrics-server-698f47cc84-p9jld            1/1     Running   0          2m49s

To see the list of available addons, you can go to https://microk8s.io/docs/addons.

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